Membership Benefits

  1. Professional Recognition:

Joining a professional body is all about being recognized by your industry and making yourself stand out from the crowd. NCS has a number of career recognition tools to help you stand out.

  • Post nominal letters – Set yourself apart from your peers with professionally recognized NCS post nominal letters – AMNCS, MNCS, FNCS and CITP (Chartered IT Professional).
  • Use of NCS logos – Highlight your professionalism with the use of the NCS Member logos (Professionals only) on all personal stationery, CV’s or any form of written or electronic communications. Download Logos – MNCS, FNCS
  • Certificate – Celebrate your achievement with your NCS Membership certificate.  Plaque is also available for members (Fellows only) who wish to display their achievement.
  • Recommend and nominate a member – Recommending and Nominating a member allows you to put forward peers, individuals or colleagues that you feel would benefit from NCS membership. Help us increase our impact and make IT the profession of the future
  1. Career Development & Advancement:

It is essential you maintain a high level of professional competence by continually upgrading your skill and knowledge to maximize your potential for lifetime employability.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – Under the NCS Code of Conduct and Practice there is a requirement for you to develop and maintain your skills.

  • CPD is organized for continuation, improvement and broadening of knowledge, understanding and skills, as well as development of personal qualities necessary for an individual to maintain their competence in order to undertake their duties throughout their working life.

It is of increasing importance to all professionals to concentrate on continuous development and review of professional skills and abilities, whilst being an effective method of improving competitive potential in the marketplace

  • Computer Professional Examination (CPE) – CPE is designed with the aim of developing and nurturing the potentials of Nigerian youths and adults alike that are interested in making career out of Information Technology. The examination has different entry points, depending on the candidate’s background.
  1. Networking:

Peer-to-peer networking is an important activity, and through your NCS membership you have access to a wealth of information, experience and expertise.

  • Events – NCS organizes numerous events such as Seminars, Conferences, workshops etc for both members and the general public. These events provide opportunities for great networking.
  • Forum – NCS Forums have been set up as a way of increasing the impact and recognition of IT Professionals.
  • Branch Network – There are currently over 20 branches covering a wide geographical area nationwide. There are also dedicated Young Professionals groups – NACOSS in all institutions of higher learning in Nigeria.
  1. Business Opportunity:
  • Business opportunities  arising out of inquiries to NCS from government, multinationals and other corporate organizations are passed on to members who have registered their capabilities on the database.
  1. Top Exhibitions & Conferences:
  • NCS hosts Annual Conference and Exhibition in conjunction with the government agencies and leading IT organizations. The Conferences covers many of the critical and topical issues facing Nigeria’s fast moving and global IT community. The Conference & Exhibition rates are between 10% – 50% discount to members.
  1. e-Newsletter:
  • A regular e-newsletter containing information about events, projects and activities in various chapters and IT generally.


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